1/05: Holy shit, I am way behind on updating the schedule. Done.

6/15:Custom Wears by Claudia: Pert near every day, someone asks us where we get the custom western wear you see us in on stage. Every last stich of it was done by Custom Wears by Claudia. Claudia's got a brand new website, through which you can now get your very own piece of custom class. Click the link below, and Claudia will make look you way too classy for your own damn good.

4/4: TINHORN MOLLY TO BE AUCTIONED OFF BY KKFI: That's right, folks. You too can be the proud owner of your very own Tinhorn Molly, and all proceeds go to benefit Kansas City community radio. Click here for a full explaination. To place your bids, or just to have the sounds of us thrown at your earholes, listen to 90.1 (in the Kansas City area) this Friday at 5 pm. You can also listen online at .

3/1: Had I really not updated the photos in six months? Well, hell. There are new ones up now on the We Are This page. Go look at the shiny new chunks of us.

: THE NEW ALBUM IS HERE: A year in the making, the new album, "ACTION!!! ADVENTURE!!! TINHORN MOLLY!!!" has finally been released, featuring "What's Coming to you," "Caroline," "Carry Me Home" and ten more songs. Click here to get it now, or come pick up a copy at any Tinhorn Molly show.

9/17: ROADTRIP NATION: So the specifics on the aforementioned use of our songs in season 7 of the PBS series Roadtrip Nation are as follows: Our song "Red Neon, Black Leather" will be featured in episode 6 and "Baby, Go 'Round" in episode 8. Airtimes vary by region, so check your local listings to find out the when and where for your local PBS affiliate. And be sure to watch that shit. Why? Three reasons: 1) You'll get to hear you some Tinhorn Molly. 2) It's a good show. 3) The good people behind this program go out of their way to find and support independent artists like ourselves, and that's a big deal.

you can also watch full episodes online at .

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